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Laundry - Shirts or Jeans brought to Wardrobe Cleaners Monday through Thursday will be ready by the afternoon on the following day. If pre-spotting is necessary it will be ready for pick up in two days.

Laundry - Shirts or Jeans brought to Wardrobe Cleaners Friday or Saturday will be ready by the afternoon of the following Monday.

Upon your request we pre-spot laundered shirts or jeans (extra charge of $2.00). We can notate your records - if you want us to use our discretion whether to to pre-spot when needed.

Otherwise - we do not pre-spot laundered shirts or jeans. That is a major difference between the shirt laundry and dry cleaning. The cost of a starched laundered shirt (on machines) is $2.75 versus $5.50 for a dry-cleaned shirt (hand finished).

Some spots that need to be pre-spotted include grease, blood, rust, mud  and some food spots. (Some spots of grease are not always visible before being pressed). The solution - we dry clean it first - then launder it. (extra $2.00 for pre-spotting)


Lycra Fabrics - Shirts containing Lycra should not be processed in the starch laundry. However, we have many customers that want these shirts laundered with starch.

We will continue to launder Lycra shirts (except for shirts that are tapered and that are too small to fit on the buck) - we will not be responsible if the shirts are damaged.

We wash them in warm water - but they are subjected to high heat and pressure during pressing. Wrinkles pressed into shirts containing Lycra are difficult (sometimes impossible) to remove.

Stain Guard fabrics - These fabrics repel water so as with Lycra - wrinkles pressed in are difficult (sometimes impossible) to remove.

Pants/Jeans that contain Lycra often do not press well. They do not lay flat on the press so unwanted wrinkles are pressed into them. We try to get them out but sometimes they are too stubborn.


New Jeans - We prefer that you do not wash new jeans before bringing them in to be laundered. We pre-press them before washing to set a straight crease. We find that this works very well.

We try very hard to always make the creases in jeans straight. If the legs twist they will not lay flat on the press. Laundered jeans are pressed while wet so if there is a ripple or a twist in the fabric - either a wrinkle is pressed in or the crease may not follow the seam. (If we line up the seams at the top of the leg - sometimes they are off at the hem)

That is why we pre-press the crease before they are washed. The jeans tend to "remember" the crease after they are washed.