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Why do my laundered shirts still have spots on them when I pick them up?  

Some spots will not wash out. If we treat the spot then dry clean or re-wash the shirt we charge an extra $1.50 above the normal price of the shirt. Laundered shirts are not pre-spotted unless the customers request it. Some customers tell us to pre-spot at our discretion so we notate that on their account. (total cost for a shirt or blouse needing to be pre-spotted = $4.00)

Why are there still some wrinkles in laundered shirts?     

If the garment is larger or smaller than the specialized equipment used by our cleaners - there will be areas that are not pressed smoothly. We touch up the wrinkled areas by hand but we cannot hand press the entire shirt. Some customers request that we do more extensive hand finishing so we assess an extra charge per shirt for the service.

Clamp marks are caused by the specialized equipment. The shirt is placed on the "buck" and the clamp holds the shirt in place while it is pressed. We charge seventy-five cents (.75) to press these clamp marks out. (total cost of a shirt with the clamp mark removed = $3.25 per shirt)

Hand finished creased sleeves are charged at $1.50 per shirt (total cost of shirt with hand finished creased sleeves = $4.00)

If areas of the shirt or blouse can be pressed on the specialized equipment and parts of them cannot be (such as decorative areas) we charge and extra $2.75 to "special press". A pullover shirt or blouse and a child's shirt or blouse are good examples of special press designation. This is due to the break in workflow and the need for extensive hand finishing. (total cost for a special pressed shirt or blouse = $5.25)

Why do shirt buttons sometimes break?

Shirt buttons are fragile. Shirts are pressed under heat and pressure so once the buttons cool off there are often tiny cracks that cannot be detected. Many button holes - especially on the collars are very tight and the stress of pushing the buttons through will cause them to break. Sometimes we just miss a broken button. If that is the case we apologize and we will gladly replace the button.