WCP Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaned garments require time to properly process to the best of our ability. If a spot has to be removed the garment may have to be cleaned and pressed more than once.

Depending on our work load and if you absolutely need next day service we can put a rush on your order. We may not be able to remove some spots - but the garment will be freshly cleaned and pressed. Please tell the front counter attendant when you need to pick up your order.

Our typical turn-around schedule is below:

Dry Cleaning garments brought to Wardrobe Cleaners will be ready within two to three working (2-3) days. We do not process orders on Saturday. However, we are open 8-12 AM on Saturdays and will receive and sell out orders.

Listed below are the typical turn around times but as mentioned before - we will rush your order per your request.

Bring in Monday - pick up Wednesday or Thursday.

Bring in Tuesday - pick up Thursday or Friday

Bring in Wednesday - pick up next Friday or Monday

Bring in Thursday - pick up next Monday or Tuesday

Bring in Friday - pick up next Tuesday or Wednesday

Bring in Saturday - pick up next Tuesday or Wednesday